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Eva Rosenstand A/S - Clara Wæver

In 1870 a number of embroidery shops opened in Copenhagen. They specialized in sales of embroideries and sold materials for embroidery and patterns for decorative home textiles, such as samplers, cushions, fire screens and others.
As a young girl Clara Wæver moved to Copenhagen along with her family. In an early age she showed great talent for embroidery and she was hired for an embroidery shop. Besides the selling of materials they embroidered special tasks for customers, and teaching was given in various embroidery-techniques.
In 1890 Clara Wæver opened her own shop at Vesterbrogade 62. Along with the sister Augusta she sold materials for different kind of embroideries and produced patterns. They also taught the young women how to embroider the old Danish ´white embroideries´, and ´all sorts of handicrafts´. To get a business out of the shop they also trained young girls in techniques for decorative use for their marriage portion.
Clara Wæver was very open-minded with regard to the ´trend´of the time, always looking for new designs. In 1903 Clara Wæver had the opportunity to buy a big collection of original drawings by the Danish artists Bindesbøll, Constantin Hansen, Kristian Møhl-Hansen and P.C. Skovgård. She experienced great success in working with these artists, and some of them were later attached to the company.
In 1917 the Wæver sisters handed over the shop to N.C.Dyrlund, who continued producing the rich traditional embroideries. Clara Wæver died in 1930 - 75 years old. In 1940 Jacob Holst took over the company. The shop moved to Østergade 19, and Jacobs's sister, Migge Holst, who was educated in art, and who had drawn embroidery patterns for many years, ruled the company successfully for a number of years. In these years Danish artists, as Louise Puck and Helge Christoffersen, made a lot of popular drawings for Clara Wæver.
In 1946 the Clara Wæver - shop moved again, this time for to Østergade 42. After the death of Migge Holst in 1953 - Jørgen Rosenstand, who was the son of Jacob Holst took over the leadership in cooperation with his mother - Ellen Holst - born Rosenstand. Ellen Holst contacted the Danish artists Mads Stage and later on Gitz Johansen, and especially the drawings from Mads Stage were of great success.
In 1958 Jørgen Rosenstand founded his own company - Eva Rosenstand A/S. Eva Rosenstand´s style within embroidery was from the beginning very different to the one of Clara Wæver´s. Drawings from Danish artists like Falke-Bang, Leif Ragn Jensen and Verner Hancke were used, and the style was more modern/popular/naturalistic for the taste in these years, and very qualified for cross-stitch embroideries.
Jørgen Rosenstand introduced in a very early stage the so-called ´kits´. So far you had to cut the embroidery-material in the shop, choosing the various colours and add a pattern. Now you could deliver a ´ready-made kit´, with all the necessary materials for a cross-stitch design.
In 1976, after the death of Ellen Holst, the two companies were merged to the well-known Eva Rosenstand A/S - Clara Wæver with the main shop in Østergade 42, Copenhagen. For many years the Eva Rosenstand products have been known and appreciated for all over the World.
In 2003 the Danish company Carl J. Permin A/S took over Eva Rosenstand / Clara Wæver. With the takeover Carl J. Permin A/S secured that this traditional company was kept in Danish hands, so that the well-known designs from Eva Rosenstand / Clara Wæver will be supplied through Permin of Copenhagen in future.
Eva Rosenstand Clara Wæver - Egegaardsvej 28, 2610 Rødovre - Telephone: +45 36 72 12 00 - E-mail: evarosenstand@evarosenstand.com